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The superior low sodium sea salt from Iceland


Arctic Sea Salt is 100% natural sea salt that lets you get the taste you know without the health risks of normal table salt. Naturally low in sodium, rich in seawater trace minerals, and with no added preservatives, it’s the only real salt that complements your health and adds the salty taste you want to your food.


The Problem

Over the years salt producers have tried to come up with a healthier low-sodium alternative for table salt. Mixing different salt crystals together (called ‘heterogeneous salt’) seemed the best solution, with the flavour and texture approximately that of ordinary table salt. Unfortunately many consumers and food producers rejected this solution because the different salt crystals didn’t mix well, and was therefore unreliable when it came to taste.

Our Solution

Arctic Sea Salt is a homogenous salt (NaCI and KCI in every single grain) obtained from the evaporation and subsequent crystallisation of seawater, using a patented production method which also retains good-for-you seawater trace minerals.

Production relies on renewable resources, which means we’re able to have a near-zero impact on the environment while producing high-quality low-sodium salt capable of matching the taste and texture of table salt grain for grain.

The raw ingredients and energy required for production rely on the unique attributes of the Reykjanes peninsula and the proximity of the Reykjanes Geothermal Power Plant.

Seawater used for production comes from an inland drill hole, is naturally clean, and therefore does not need to be filtered. The energy used to power production comes from natural steam and a warm water ocean drill hole.


The Product

For years respective national regulatory bodies have attempted to reduce the American and European populations’ average daily salt consumption with the aim to lower sodium intake. Arctic Sea Salt solves this problem with a natural low-sodium content up to 60% less than that of regular table salt. It is currently the only homogenous low-sodium salt that tastes, looks, and feels like normal table salt.

Composition of Arctic Sea Salt

NaCl 41%
KCl 41%
Mg-salt 17.2%
Other trace minerals 0.8%


Natural seawater trace minerals, of which pure Magnesium is most abundant at 1.9%, add to the health benefits of Arctic Sea Salt. These trace minerals are washed away during the production of normal salt.


Research has proven that there is a direct correlation between high sodium consumption and hypertension. Hypertension has been shown to be a major contributing factor in heart attacks, congestive heart failures, strokes, and end-stage kidney disease.

The benefits of sodium reduction are considerable. The American Heart Association refers to a study conducted by Bibbings-Domingo which indicates that a national reduction (USA) of sodium intake by 1200 mg/day would result in:


Arctic Sea Salt’s patented production method relies on renewable resources, which means we’re able to have a near-zero impact on the environment. The raw ingredients and energy for the production relies on the unique attributes offered by the Reykjanes peninsula and the proximity of the Reykjanes Geothermal Power Plant.

As of this year (2013) the construction of a second production unit will commence, followed by a dedicated factory to be completed by 2014.  Between 2013 and 2014 our production capacity will increase by 75% to cater for an expected growth in demand.


More than 65 million adults in the US and an estimated 100 million adults in Europe suffer from hypertension. An estimated 49% of all adults in the United States are currently on medication to control and reduce hypertension.

Since 77% of the average indivdual’s daily salt consumption comes from processed food and restaurants, regulatory authorities have increasingly been pressuring food producers to lower the salt content in the foods they produce. An additional growing awareness among consumers about the harmful effects of too much salt ensures a sizeable and continuously growing market for a viable alternative.

Arctic Sea Salt is currently the only homogenous low-sodium salt that tastes, looks, and feels like normal table salt.

For more information, please contact Arctic Sea Salts’ managing director, Ingimar Helgason,

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Arctic Sea Salt is the culmination of R&D experience and innovation, with the result being a salt that satisfies the increasing demand for a healthier alternative to table salt.

Egill and Helgi, both with extensive R&D experience, have worked together for more than ten years to develop the now recognised and patented method for the production of a low-sodium salt that equals table salt in both taste and texture.

Said production method makes it possible to extract salt from seawater – an almost unlimited resource – to produce a low-sodium product that contains salubrious seawater trace elements. Production is entirely steam-powered, thus ensuring a near-zero impact on the environment.

Over the last three years we have been developing, testing, and refining our production method, currently  in its final phase and with bulk production to follow shortly.

Arctic Sea Salt welcomes new investors to share in our passion, and the potential of a product capable of revolutionising the global salt industry. Learn more about Arctic Sea Salt on our Investors page, or contact us for more information.


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